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We examined the effect of a prior Modified Cognitive Interview on young and older adults' recall of a short film of a staged crime and subsequent reporting of misinformation. Participants viewed the film followed the next day by misinformation presented in a postevent summary. They were then interviewed with either a Modified Cognitive Interview or a(More)
The relationship between individuals' choice of abstinence or moderate drinking during outpatient behavioral management treatment and outcome over 12 months' posttreatment was examined. At the initial assessment, 46% of 106 chronic alcoholic subjects chose abstinence, 44% chose moderate drinking, and 9% were unsure. Over the course of treatment, subjects(More)
An experimental mock eyewitness study is reported that compared Free and reverse order recall of an empirically informed scripted crime event. Proponents of reverse order recall suggest it facilitates recovery of script incidental information and increases the total amount of information recalled. However, compared with free recall it was found to impair(More)
Relationships of diversity, distribution and abundance of benthic decapods in intertidal and shallow subtidal waters to 10 m depth are explored based on data obtained using a standardized protocol of globally-distributed samples. Results indicate that decapod species richness overall is low within the nearshore, typically ranging from one to six taxa per(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to qualitatively explore approaches to police interviewing of traumatized victims experiencing distress. Specifically, we examined the research question: What do police investigators regard as useful approaches to regulating distress, maintaining rapport and promoting the well-being of the interviewee? METHOD To explore(More)
Despite mentally disordered suspects being over-represented within the criminal justice system, there is a dearth of published literature that examines police officers' perceptions when interviewing this vulnerable group. This is concerning given that police officers are increasingly the first point of contact with these individuals. Using a Grounded Theory(More)
This study is the first to quantify the diversity and composition of the mobile invertebrate fauna associated with algal turfs on a coral reef, and was conducted at Sodwana Bay, South Africa. Invertebrates were extracted from five 25 × 25-cm quadrats taken from algal turf biotopes at each of six depth zones, ranging from the upper intertidal to a depth of(More)
The costs and economic benefits are examined of introducing a programme for the mass-screening of pregnancies for the detection and abortion of fetuses with spina bifida cystica. A benefit-cost index is derived, and the possible effects on it of making different input assumptions are discussed. It is considered that, on economic grounds, screening may be(More)
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