Rebecca Milne

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We examined the effect of a prior Modified Cognitive Interview on young and older adults' recall of a short film of a staged crime and subsequent reporting of misinformation. Participants viewed the film followed the next day by misinformation presented in a postevent summary. They were then interviewed with either a Modified Cognitive Interview or a(More)
Relationships of diversity, distribution and abundance of benthic decapods in intertidal and shallow subtidal waters to 10 m depth are explored based on data obtained using a standardized protocol of globally-distributed samples. Results indicate that decapod species richness overall is low within the nearshore, typically ranging from one to six taxa per(More)
This study is the first to quantify the diversity and composition of the mobile invertebrate fauna associated with algal turfs on a coral reef, and was conducted at Sodwana Bay, South Africa. Invertebrates were extracted from five 25 × 25-cm quadrats taken from algal turf biotopes at each of six depth zones, ranging from the upper intertidal to a depth of(More)
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