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The Zika virus, a mosquito-borne disease previously considered mild, has been implicated in an increasing number of microcephaly cases in infants whose mothers were infected during pregnancy. The urgency of addressing its pandemic spread through the Tropics has become acute. Large scale responses need time to be developed as there is no cure, no vaccine,(More)
Traditional psychological measures, diagnostic levels, and biographical and demographic data have all failed as reliable predictors of the outcome for clients in psychiatric rehabilitation programs. An instrument called the Client Adjustment Rating Scales is an attempt to develop a reliable indicator; it consists of nine subscales on which client's(More)
College students and psychiatric rehabilitees performed a manual dexterity task in which consistent success or failure was maipulated over four consecutive task trials. Contrasting predictions for the use of casual attributions (luck, task difficulty, effort, and ability) following Trial 1 and Trial 4 for the two populations were derived from Heider's(More)
Two main arguments have stimulated the development of hydrogel and silicone lenses: flexibility allows folding and thus insertion through a small incision, and inertness promises excellent biocompatibility, possibly surpassing that of PMMA. However, as long-term performance remains to be established, these implants cannot yet be considered a routine(More)
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