Rebecca McDonnell

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OBJECTIVE To describe the clinical circumstances in which psychiatric patients commit suicide. DESIGN National clinical survey. SETTING England and Wales. SUBJECTS A two year sample of people who had committed suicide, in particular those who had been in contact with mental health services in the 12 months before death. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES(More)
OBJECTIVES To estimate the rate of mental disorder in those convicted of homicide and to examine the social and clinical characteristics of those with a history of contact with psychiatric services. DESIGN National clinical survey. SETTING England and Wales. SUBJECTS Eighteen month sample of people convicted of homicide. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES(More)
BACKGROUND The death of the Princess of Wales in 1997 was followed by widespread public mourning. Such major events may influence suicidal behaviour. AIMS To assess the impact of the Princess's death on suicide and deliberate self-harm (DSH). METHOD Analysis, using Poisson regression, of the number of suicides and open verdicts ('suicides') in England(More)
For many university students, alcohol use is as much a part of the campus experience as studying for examinations or attending campus sporting events. Parenting styles have been found to influence alcohol use prior to college. This study focuses on the role of parenting styles on students’ high school and college drinking patterns. Participants were 376(More)
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