Rebecca Mayer

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  • R Mayer
  • 1980
The investigation showed that the main source of error with mercury is the finest distribution of mercury vapor (unfortunately colorless and odorless) and not the metalic distribution. If the development of mercury vapor is hindered, the possibility of mercury intoxication can be almost entirely eliminated. Health hazards due to allergies however are(More)
Pioneer communities establishing themselves in the barren terrain in front of glacier forelands consist principally of predator species such as carabid beetles and lycosid spiders. The fact that so many different predators can co-inhabit an area with no apparent primary production was initially explained by allochthonous material deposited in these(More)
  • R Mayer
  • 1991
This study demonstrates once more the high caries incidence of the proximal surfaces of molar teeth. If the lesions are completely excavated so that the cervical margin is free of any caries, more than 33-57% of all cavities, depending on the type of tooth, are not suited for acid etch procedures, because there is less than 1 mm of sound enamel, or none at(More)