Rebecca Marie Boudos

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The corpus callosum is the largest commissural white matter pathway that connects the hemispheres of the human brain. In this study, diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) was performed on subject groups with high-functioning autism and controls matched for age, handedness, IQ, and head size. DTI and volumetric measurements of the total corpus callosum and(More)
This study identified the baseline participation rates for 101 teens and young adults ages 10-32 years old with a diagnosis of spina or lipomenigocele bifida in various domains: school, employment, community activities, physical activity and peer social relationships. The goal of the study was also to identify barriers to community participation. Our(More)
Enrollment of young adults is foundational to the success of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This article analyzes the implications for young adults transitioning from pediatric to adult care with the implementation of the ACA. We review the key characteristics of this population relevant to health care utilization and access as well as the impact of private(More)
Health care transition (HCT), the organized progression from pediatric- to adult-focused models of care, is crucial for patients with chronic childhood conditions. More adolescents with chronic conditions now survive into adulthood and have increased risk of adverse events during HCT. Got Transition-an agreement between the Maternal and Child Health Bureau(More)
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