Rebecca M. Wolf

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In the central nervous system, myelination of axons occurs when oligodendrocyte progenitors undergo terminal differentiation and initiate process formation and axonal ensheathment. Although it is hypothesized that neuron-oligodendrocyte contact initiates this process, the molecular signals are not known. Here we find that Fyn tyrosine kinase activity is(More)
During development of the central nervous system, oligodendrocyte progenitor cells differentiate into mature myelinating cells. The molecular signals that promote this process, however, are not well defined. One molecule that has been implicated in oligodendrocyte differentiation is the Src family kinase Fyn. In order to probe the function of Fyn in this(More)
p190RhoGAP and Rho are key regulators of oligodendrocyte differentiation. The gene encoding p190RhoGAP is located at 19q13.3 of the human chromosome, a locus that is deleted in 50%-80% of oligodendrogliomas. Here we provide evidence that p190RhoGAP may suppress gliomagenesis by inducing a differentiated glial phenotype. Using a cell culture model of(More)
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