Rebecca M. Robich

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To the Editor: When an outbreak of chikungunya fever swept across several Indian Ocean islands in 2005 and 2006, the international public health community's attention was drawn to chikungunya virus (ge-nus Alphavirus, family Togaviridae). Among those areas affected was the Republic of Mauritius, located ≈900 km east of Madagascar, which has an estimated(More)
A major expenditure in vector biology laboratories is the rearing of mosquitoes. Most mosquito colonies require substantial effort to maintain, including frequent bloodmeals for optimal performance. Successful cryopreservation of mosquitoes continues to be elusive. Although using diapause as a storage mechanism is an option for mosquito preservation,(More)
The continuous culture of mosquitoes is a costly endeavor for vector biology laboratories. In addition to the resources that must be committed to colony maintenance, biological costs, including genetic drift and accidental colony loss, also can occur. Although alternatives do exist, their application to mosquitoes is limited. Mosquito cryopreservation(More)
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