Rebecca M J Cunningham

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Changes in the distribution of interstitial cells (IC) are reportedly associated with dysfunctional bladder. This study investigated whether spinal cord injury (SCI) resulted in changes to IC subpopulations (vimentin-positive with the ultrastructural profile of IC), smooth muscle and nerves within the bladder wall and correlated cellular remodelling with(More)
BACKGROUND Diabetes mellitus continues to result in substantial morbidity and mortality despite receiving much attention from health care providers. Automated clinician reminder systems have been developed to improve adherence to diabetes care guidelines, but these reminder systems do not always provide actionable information and may be unable to detect(More)
PURPOSE We investigated the ultrastructural characteristics of interstitial cells of Cajal in the guinea pig bladder. MATERIALS AND METHODS Bladders were removed from guinea pigs and processed for transmission electron microscopy. Some sections were labeled with c-Kit antibodies and colloidal gold particles for positive identification of interstitial(More)
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