Rebecca M Hoerth

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A fracture in bone results in a dramatic change of mechanical loading conditions at the site of injury. Usually, bone injuries heal normally but with increasing fracture gaps, healing is retarded, eventually leading to non-unions. The clinical situation of these two processes with different outcomes is well described. However, the exact relation between the(More)
UNLABELLED PURPOSE/AIMS OF THE STUDY: Bone's hierarchical structure can be visualized using a variety of methods. Many techniques, such as light and electron microscopy generate two-dimensional (2D) images, while micro-computed tomography (µCT) allows a direct representation of the three-dimensional (3D) structure. In addition, different methods provide(More)
X-ray scattering experiments at synchrotron sources are characterized by large and constantly increasing amounts of data. The great number of files generated during a synchrotron experiment is often a limiting factor in the analysis of the data, since appropriate software is rarely available to perform fast and tailored data processing. Furthermore, it is(More)
Loading can increase bone mass and size and this response is reduced with aging. It is unclear, however how loading affects bone mineral and matrix properties. Fourier transform infrared imaging and high resolution synchrotron scanning small angle X-ray scattering were used to study how bone's microscale and nanoscale compositional properties were altered(More)
Bone's mineral properties, such as particle thickness and degree of alignment have been associated with bone quality. Bone formation, remodeling, aging of the tissue and mineral homeostasis influence mineral particle properties leading to specific patterns across bone. Scanning small angle X-ray scattering (sSAXS) with synchrotron radiation is a powerful(More)
Permanent metal implants are widely used in human medical treatments and orthopedics, for example as hip joint replacements. They are commonly made of titanium alloys and beyond the optimization of this established material, it is also essential to explore alternative implant materials in view of improved osseointegration. The aim of our study was to(More)
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