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The fine structure of the transitional epithelium of rat ureter has been studied in thin sections with the electron microscope, including some stained cytochemically to show nucleoside triphosphatase activity. The epithelium is three to four cells deep with cuboidal or columnar basal cells, intermediate cells, and superficial squamous cells. The basal cells(More)
A study has been made of the preservation of fine structure, phospholipids, and the activity of acid phosphatase and esterase in rat liver fixed in various solutions containing 4 per cent formaldehyde. Examination of methacrylate-embedded preparations shows that calcium-containing fixatives result in poor preservation of fine structure, whereas(More)
In Egypt, bladder cancer incidence is high in areas where the prevalence and intensity of Schistosoma haematobium infection is also high. Experimental evidence shows bladder carcinogenesis to be a multi-stage process which can be accelerated by many factors. N-nitroso compounds, some of which are known bladder carcinogens, can be formed from amine(More)