Rebecca Lundin

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Salamanders are acknowledged to be the closest postural model of early tetrapods and are capable of walking both in a terrestrial environment and while submerged under water. Nonetheless, locomotion in this group is poorly understood, as is underwater pedestrian locomotion in general. We, therefore, quantified the movements of the body axis and limbs of the(More)
We report on the utility of using a rapid, easy-to-use, visually based semi-quantitative neuroimaging atrophy rating scale in individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and normal control subjects. Magnetic resonance (MR) scans were rated using a standardized semi-quantitative MR rating method. A four-point scale was used to rate each scan for atrophy in(More)
Venus, unlike Earth, is an extremely dry planet although both began with similar masses, distances from the Sun, and presumably water inventories. The high deuterium-to-hydrogen ratio in the venusian atmosphere relative to Earth's also indicates that the atmosphere has undergone significantly different evolution over the age of the Solar System. Present-day(More)
BACKGROUND Antimicrobials are the most commonly prescribed drugs. Many studies have evaluated antibiotic prescriptions in the paediatric outpatient but few studies describing the real antibiotic consumption in Italian children's hospitals have been published. Point-prevalence survey (PPS) has been shown to be a simple, feasible and reliable standardized(More)
In vivo MR spectroscopy (MRS) requires some kind of volume selection method to be able to measure the signal from a selected part of the body. To be able to interpret the spectra correctly, the quality of the volume selection must be investigated for each new MRS application using phantom measurements. A new phantom, especially suitable for precision(More)
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