Rebecca Long

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M@n@gement is a double-blind reviewed journal where articles are published in their original language as soon as they have been accepted. Copies of this article can be made free of charge and without securing permission, for purposes of teaching, research, or library reserve. Consent to other kinds of copying, such as that for creating new works, or for(More)
Percutaneous transhepatic portal-vein catheterisation was attempted to obliterate the major variceal venous supply in 13 decompensated cirrhotic patients, who continued to bleed after conservative therapy. Obliteration was achieved and bleeding stopped in 7 patients. In 5 patients obliteration was technically unsuccessful. The remaining patient had an(More)
A new long-acting octapeptide analogue of somatostatin, Des AA1,2,4,5,12,13 D Try8 somatostatin, has been tested in 8 patients with pancreatic endocrine tumours. The analogue given subcutaneously suppressed the tumour-derived hormones in patients with insulinomas, glucagonomas, and gastrinomas for up to 24 h. The prolonged action appeared to be the result(More)
The ability to 25-hydroxylate vitamin D was investigated in thirty-nine patients with symptomatic primary biliary cirrhosis (P.B.C.). In seven previously untreated patients serum-25-hydroxy-vitamin-D (25-OHD) concentration increased after regular monthly injections of vitamin D. After a single injection of vitamin D in eight P.B.C. patients serum-25-OHD did(More)
The electron jumps in the CuH-spectrum show, for instance, that in a molecule transitions 1S.-IS are possible under ordinary conditions. Although such transitions are unknown in the visible He2 spectrum, it cannot be concluded that the transition 11S-21S is also absent. For it may be (comp. are not missing, but are present with partial, or even full(More)
The neural and hormonal peptide content of rectal biopsy specimens from 10 patients with chronic autonomic failure, 10 patients with chronic gastrointestinal Chagas' disease, and 13 controls was studied with radioimmunoassay and immunocytochemistry. In the patients with Chagas' disease the mean concentrations of rectal vasoactive intestinal polypeptide,(More)
Serum-25-hydroxy-vitamin-D (25 OHD) concentration has been measured in 106 patients with untreated parenchymal and cholestatic liver disease. Low mean values were found in groups of patients with alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis, non-cirrhotic active chronic hepatitis, lupoid and cryptogenic cirrhosis, symptomatic primary biliary cirrhosis, and acute and(More)
Logistic regression has increasingly become the tool of choice when analyzing data with a binary dependent variable. While resources relating to the technique are widely available, clear discussions of why logistic regression should be used in place of ordinary least squares regression are difficult to find. The current paper compares and contrasts the(More)