Rebecca Lock

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Autophagy has been proposed to promote cell death during lumen formation in three-dimensional mammary epithelial acini because numerous autophagic vacuoles are observed in the dying central cells during morphogenesis. Because these central cells die due to extracellular matrix (ECM) deprivation (anoikis), we have directly interrogated how matrix detachment(More)
The protumorigenic functions for autophagy are largely attributed to its ability to promote cancer cell survival in response to diverse stresses. Here we demonstrate an unexpected connection between autophagy and glucose metabolism that facilitates adhesion-independent transformation driven by a strong oncogenic insult-mutationally active Ras. In cells(More)
Integrin-mediated attachment of epithelial cells to extracellular matrix (ECM) is crucial for proper growth and survival. Although detachment leads to apoptosis, termed anoikis, recent work demonstrates that ECM detachment also robustly induces autophagy, a tightly regulated lysosomal self-digestion process that actually promotes survival. Autophagy(More)
UNLABELLED The tumor-promoting functions of autophagy are primarily attributed to its ability to promote cancer cell survival. However, emerging evidence suggests that autophagy plays other roles during tumorigenesis. Here, we uncover that autophagy promotes oncogenic RAS-driven invasion. In epithelial cells transformed with oncogenic RAS, depletion of(More)
Autophagy is a tightly regulated lysosomal self-digestion process that can both promote and impede tumorigenesis. Here, we utilize a three-dimensional (3D) culture model to address how interactions between autophagy and the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase(PI3K)/Akt/mammalian target of rapamycin pathway impact the malignant behavior of cells carrying a(More)
s: 1. Autophagy inhibition alters glucose metabolism and promotes epithelial differentiation during Ras-mediated oncogenic transformation. Rebecca Lock, Candia Kenific, Srirupa Roy, Eduardo Salas, and Jayanta Debnath. Keystone Symposia: Cell Death Pathways Apoptosis, Autophagy and Necrosis / Metabolism and Cancer Progression. March 1217, 2010. • Short talk(More)
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