Rebecca L. Shaw

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Qualitative research can make a valuable contribution to the study of quality and safety in health care. Sound ways of appraising qualitative research are needed, but currently there are many different proposals with few signs of an emerging consensus. One problem has been the tendency to treat qualitative research as a unified field. We distinguish(More)
BACKGROUND Physical activity can positively influence health for older adults. Primary care is a good setting for physical activity promotion. OBJECTIVE To assess the feasibility of a pedometer-based walking programme in combination with physical activity consultations. METHODS DESIGN Two-arm (intervention/control) 12-week randomized controlled trial(More)
High-throughput sequencing has revolutionised comparative and evolutionary genome biology. It has now become relatively commonplace to generate multiple genomes and/or transcriptomes to characterize the evolution of large taxonomic groups of interest. Nevertheless, such efforts may be unsuited to some research questions or remain beyond the scope of some(More)
The retention of water-soluble vitamins by several potato varieties using various home preparation methods was investigated. Retention values in general exceeded the 85 percent level for thiamin, niacin and vitamin B6, and the 70 percent level for ascorbic acid, riboflavin and folic acid. Overall, with but a few exceptions, whole, unpeeled, boiled and(More)
A phenotypically female child, investigated because of short stature, had abnormally large, often bipartite Barr bodies and a mosaicism of 45, X cells and cells with 46 chromosomes which included an exceptionally large metacentric chromosome (Xp+). G- and C-banding established that the chromosome was derived from two substantially entire X chromosomes(More)
OBJECTIVE This study investigates psychological and psychobiological processes in patients with somatization syndrome. METHOD We compared physiological measures (heart rate, finger pulse volume, electrodermal activity, electromyography), cortisol levels, and subjective well-being during rest and during a mental stress task as well as selective attention(More)
OBJECTIVE Intercellular conduction of electrical signals underlies spreading vasodilation of resistance arteries. Small- and intermediate-conductance Ca(2+)-activated K(+) channels of endothelial cells serve a dual function by initiating hyperpolarization and modulating electrical conduction. We tested the hypothesis that regulation of electrical signaling(More)
OBJECTIVE The goal of the present study was to identify covariates and predictors of post-treatment weight reduction. To clarify the impact of the individual factors, we compared "winners" (losing more than 2 BMI-points in the follow-up period) with "losers" (gaining more than 2 BMI-points in the same time). DESIGN In a questionnaire based study, we(More)
BACKGROUND Preventative medicine has become increasingly important in efforts to reduce the burden of chronic disease in industrialised countries. However, interventions that fail to recruit socio-economically representative samples may widen existing health inequalities. This paper explores the barriers and facilitators to engaging a socio-economically(More)
Contrary to empirical reports of inhibitory dysfunction in ADHD, parental reports suggest that when playing computer games, the inhibitory abilities of children with ADHD are unimpaired. This small-scale preliminary investigation into this phenomenon looks at inhibition of an ongoing response and activity exhibited by children with ADHD between 6 and 14(More)