Rebecca L Mullin

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The Diagnosis Related Groups patient classification scheme coupled with desk top PC technology permits sophisticated analysis of patient medical data. Individuals with no programming knowledge can produce sophisticated analysis. The functionality and structure of the 3M Analytical Workstation are described and example analysis reports are presented.
Focused utilization review efforts to date have centered on patient categories, i.e., diagnosis, service, or classification. Since the patient's length of stay is mostly controlled by the attending practitioner, it seemed logical to use practitioner profiles to focus review. The profiles developed compare each practitioner's patients, case-mix-adjusted,(More)
PURPOSE The experience of working for people with Parkinson's disease (PD) is known to vary substantially and affects the length of time in employment after diagnosis. This study aims at exploring the experience of working for people with PD and to create a model detailing the factors that influence their workplace success. METHOD A qualitative grounded(More)
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