Rebecca L. Klank

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Trauma sustained to the central nervous system is a debilitating problem for thousands of people worldwide. Neuronal regeneration within the central nervous system is hindered by several factors, making a multi-faceted approach necessary. Two factors contributing to injury are the irregular geometry of injured sites and the absence of tissue to hold(More)
While several studies link the cell-surface marker CD44 to cancer progression, conflicting results show both positive and negative correlations with increased CD44 levels. Here, we demonstrate that the survival outcomes of genetically induced glioma-bearing mice and of high-grade human glioma patients are biphasically correlated with CD44 level, with the(More)
We report the demonstration of what we believe is the first electro-optically cavity-dumped short-pulse Ti:sapphire oscillator. By designing a novel ultrabroadband, zero-dispersion, zero-insertion-loss polarizer we have obtained single-pulse energies of >200 nJ directly from the oscillator at a repetition rate of 1 kHz. The pulse duration is <20 fs with >10(More)
Phase-conjugate images with a resolution greater than 250 lines/mm are obtained through the use of a bridge, double-pumped phase conjugator. We demonstrate that this conjugator can carry out imageprocessing tasks, such as the addition and subtraction of complex spatial distributions, with a spatial resolution of >100 lines/mm. These results represent a(More)
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