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Sexual signals are considered costly to produce and maintain under the handicap paradigm, and the reliability of signals is in turn thought to be maintained by these costs. Although previous studies have investigated the costly nature of signal production, few have considered whether honesty might be maintained not by the costliness of the signal itself,(More)
Sober chronic alcoholic males, sober nonalcoholic males, and intoxicated nonalcoholic males were assessed along several psychological dimensions by means of the content analysis of speech. Average cognitive impairment scores were significantly greater among intoxicated nonalcoholics than sober chronic alcoholics and significantly greater in sober chronic(More)
A group of hyperactive boys with attention deficit disorder (DSM-III) (n = 13) was compared to a group of normative, nonhyperactive boys (n = 16) with respect to Gottschalk-Gleser scores derived from 5-min speech samples they produced in response to standardized and purposely ambiguous instructions. The hyperactive boys had significantly higher mean scores(More)
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