Rebecca L Feldman

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Preface NOAA is committed to improving society's ability to plan for and respond to climate variability and change. This includes enhancing the conservation and management of living marine resources, coastal resources and coastal communities to meet economic, social, and environmental needs. Climate change is already having impacts on ocean/coastal(More)
BACKGROUND Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) exhibits high rates of recurrence, and with few approved targeted agents, novel treatments are needed. We analyzed a molecular profiling database for the distribution of biomarkers predictive of chemotherapies and targeted agents. METHODS Seven hundred thirty-five patients with advanced HNSCC (88(More)
BACKGROUND As we have previously reported, small cell carcinoma of the ovary (SCCO) is a rare, aggressive form of ovarian cancer associated with poor outcomes. In an effort to identify new treatment options, we utilized comprehensive genomic profiling to assess the potential for novel therapies in SCCO. METHODS Patients with SCCO, SCCO-HT (hypercalcemic(More)
Bioinspired phosphorylcholine-modified polyplexes as an effective strategy for selective uptake and transfection of cancer cells An improved distributed algorithm for maximum weight independent set (MWIS) problem Asymptotic capacity analysis for adaptive transmission schemes under general fading distributions Applications of Tauberian theorem for high-SNR(More)
The coast of North Carolina has shifted significantly during the last few centuries due to 13900 rising sea level and other factors. In the 16th century the Outer Banks separated Roanoke 13901 Island (the first English Colony in North America) from the Atlantic Ocean, as they do 13902 today. But directly east of Roanoke Island was Roanoke Inlet, which(More)
BACKGROUND Previous directional coronary atherectomy (DCA) trials have shown no significant reduction in angiographic restenosis, more in-hospital complications, and higher 1-year mortality than conventional balloon angioplasty (percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty [PTCA]). DCA, however, has subsequently evolved toward a more "optimal" technique(More)
A review of the literature suggested a possible relationship between low self-disclosure or avoidance of the self in parents and stuttering in the child within the same family. The present research was designed to test whether there are any differences in self-disclosure between parents of stuttering children and parents of nonstuttering children. The(More)
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