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The Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised (ADI-R) is one of the most commonly used instruments for assisting in the behavioral diagnosis of autism. The exam consists of 93 questions that must be answered by a care provider within a focused session that often spans 2.5 hours. We used machine learning techniques to study the complete sets of answers to the(More)
The need to fabricate photonic crystals from lithium niobate (LN) with accurate feature sizes is important to the development of optoelectronic devices. This paper reports a fabrication process to dry etch X-cut LN at a submicron scale using electron beam lithography and chromium as a hard mask. The chromium mask was used for both dry-etching and(More)
Lithium niobate is a key, well-known material in optical communication that maintains its importance due to its high speed in electro-optical modulators and other optical devices. Using a benzoic acid proton exchange method and annealing in wet O 2 , we have fabricated waveguides along the y-axis of-x-cut lithium niobate substrate. We have optimized proton(More)
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