Rebecca L. Collins

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BACKGROUND People who are not present at a traumatic event may also experience stress reactions. We assessed the immediate mental health effects of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. METHODS Using random-digit dialing three to five days after September 11, we interviewed a nationally representative sample of 569 U.S. adults about their reactions(More)
A variety of efficient kernelization strategies for the classic vertex cover problem are developed, implemented and compared experimentally. A new technique, termed crown reduction, is introduced and analyzed. Applications to computational biology are discussed.
PURPOSE To measure health-related quality of life among adult patients with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease; to compare the health-related quality of life of adults with HIV with that of the general population and with patients with other chronic conditions; and to determine the associations of demographic variables and disease severity with(More)
BACKGROUND Early sexual initiation is an important social and health issue. A recent survey suggested that most sexually experienced teens wish they had waited longer to have intercourse; other data indicate that unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases are more common among those who begin sexual activity earlier. The American Academy of(More)
The behavioral effects of repeated methylphenidate (MPH) treatment were assessed in young rats. In 4 experiments, rats (starting at Postnatal Day 10 or 16) were pretreated on 5 consecutive days with saline or MPH (2.5-20.0 mg/kg i.p.). Sensitization was assessed after 1 or 7 abstinence days, with rats receiving a test day challenge injection of either a low(More)
Research on social comparison processes has assumed that a comparison in a given direction (upward or downward) will lead to a particular affective reaction. In contrast, the present two studies proposed and found that a comparison can produce either positive or negative feelings about oneself, independent of its direction. Several factors moderated the(More)
CONTEXT HIV-positive men and women may have fertility desires and may intend to have children. The extent of these desires and intentions and how they may vary by individuals' social and demographic characteristics and health factors is not well understood. METHODS Interviews were conducted from September through December 1998 with 1,421 HIV-infected(More)
AIMS To examine the relationship between exposure to different forms of alcohol advertising and subsequent drinking among US adolescents and assess whether exposure to an alcohol and drug prevention program mitigates any such relationship. DESIGN Regression models with multiple control variables examined the relationship between exposure to alcohol(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether early adolescents who are exposed to alcohol marketing are subsequently more likely to drink. Recent studies suggest that exposure to alcohol ads has a limited influence on drinking in mid-adolescence. Early adolescents may be more vulnerable to alcohol advertising effects. METHODS Two in-school surveys of 1786 South Dakota(More)