Rebecca Koval

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Forward bias current–voltage characteristics (J D – V) were studied for both p – i – n ͑superstrate͒ and n – i – p ͑substrate͒ (a-SiC:H p)/(a-Si:H i) solar-cell structures having different p/i interface layers and different thickness i-layers. Contributions of the p/i interfaces to the J D – V characteristics were separated, and the dependence on the(More)
We will meet every Tuesday from 3-5 pm for a two-hour lecture in Annenberg. In addition there will be a ten to twelve-student two-hour recitation on Thursday from 3-5 pm. Each student will write one or two short weekly papers about their best thought about the readings, and/or their homework exercise, and prepare a final portfolio. Grades will be based on(More)
In studies of hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) n – i – p solar cells fabricated by rf plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition ͑PECVD͒, we have found that the maximum open circuit voltage (V oc) is obtained by incorporating p-type doped Si:H layers that are protocrystalline in nature. Specifically, these optimum p layers are prepared by PECVD in the(More)
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