Rebecca Kelly

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The objectives of this study were to generate a data set of blood-brain barrier (BBB) permeability values for drug-like compounds and to develop a computational model to predict BBB permeability from structure. The BBB permeability, expressed as permeability-surface area product (PS, quantified as logPS), was determined for 28 structurally diverse drug-like(More)
This paper presents Bluebells, a design method that balances child-centred design with expert design in a progressive approach that marries the best of both disciplines. The method is described in the context of a museum technologies project. Bluebells comprises several new design techniques; these are evaluated and discussed in the paper. The authors(More)
This paper describes the work, the vision, and the approach of the Child Computer Interaction (ChiCI) group at the University of Central Lancashire in the UK. This group, formed four years ago, has grown to become one of the leaders in its field whilst maintaining a democratic structure, an open mind, and an invigorating message. The paper describes the(More)
This paper explores the assimilation gap, the gap between the acquisition of a technology and its deployment, in higher education teaching. The relevant literature covers three themes: technology diffusion, the technology acceptance model and task-technology fit. To explore the significance of these models to a teaching environment case study research was(More)
Risk communication is an important vehicle for the scientific understanding of the perception of and response to various kinds of threats. The present study provides apparently the first empirical attempt to compare perceptions, decision-making, and anticipated action in response to threats of three kinds: natural disaster, violent crime, and terrorism. A(More)
The Cleveland Free-Net is the nation's first free open-access computer system providing health information to the public. An online survey was developed for the family medicine clinic housed within the Free-Net to study the characteristics of the users of the system and the reason they selected the Free-Net as a source of health information. Three areas(More)
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