Rebecca K Wu

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Multi-exposure speckle imaging (MESI) is a camera-based flow-imaging technique for quantitative blood-flow monitoring by mapping the speckle-contrast dependence on camera exposure duration. The ability of laser speckle contrast imaging to measure the temporal dynamics of backscattered and interfering coherent fields, in terms of the accuracy of(More)
This article describes a versatile high-pressure K-band EPR-ENDOR system, designed for the examination of the effects of hydrostatic pressure on F-center hyperfine interactions. Dielectric filling is used to minimize the inner dimensions of the pressure cell. Cavity mode and coil geometry permit the same system to be used either for high-frequency field(More)
A reciprocating hand pump capable of generating hydrostatic pressure to 20 kilobars has been constructed for high-pressure magnetic resonance studies. The pump body and the high-pressure cell are two separate units, which are connected by a high-pressure tubing using connectors modified from a design of an unsupported area seal due to Warschauer and Paul.(More)
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