Rebecca Jacobsen

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OBJECTIVE To explore the associations between semen characteristics and subsequent risk of testicular cancer. DESIGN Cohort study. PARTICIPANTS 32 442 men who had a semen analysis done at the Sperm Analysis Laboratory in Copenhagen during 1963-95. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE Standardised incidence ratios of testicular cancer compared with total population of(More)
A search for the exclusive radiative decays B → ρ(770)γ and B 0 → ω(782)γ is performed on a sample of 84 million BB events collected by the BABAR detector at the P EP − II asymmetric e + e − collider. No significant signal is seen in any of the channels. We set preliminary upper limits of B[B 0 → ρ 0 γ] < 1.4 × 10 −6 , B[B + → ρ + γ] < 2.3 × 10 −6 and B[B 0(More)
The D 0 mixing parameter y = ∆Γ/2Γ was determined by measuring the D 0 lifetime separately for the K − π + decay mode and the K − K + decay mode with 12.4 fb −1 of data collected by the BABAR experiment in 2001. Backgrounds were suppressed with the D * → D 0 π + decay and particle identification. The following preliminary result was obtained: y = (−1.0 ±(More)
Understanding whether the racial and ethnic gaps in political and civic participation have been closed requires a comprehensive view of citizenship, encompassing a range of activities including both civic and political acts. This paper presents such a view by constructing a composite index of engaged citizenship indicators for young adults. When multiple(More)
  • The Lep, Energy Working, +36 authors K Yip
  • 2008
The determination of the centre-of-mass energies from the LEP1 data for 1993, 1994 and 1995 is presented. Accurate knowledge of these energies is crucial in the measurement of the Z resonance parameters. The improved understanding of the LEP energy behaviour accumulated during the 1995 energy scan is detailed, while the 1993 and 1994 measurements are(More)
A lower limit is set on the B 0 s meson oscillation parameter m s using data collected from 1991 to 1994 by the ALEPH detector. Events with a high transverse momentum lepton and a reconstructed secondary vertex are used. The high transverse momentum leptons are produced mainly by b hadron decays, and the sign of the lepton indicates the(More)