Rebecca J. Lunn

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OBJECTIVE To review the basic science, physiology, toxicity, and delivery of inhaled nitric oxide (NO). DESIGN A literature review of inhaled NO is presented, and a brief discussion of current clinical applications is included. RESULTS Inhaled NO is a new investigational drug used for selective vasodilation of the pulmonary vasculature. It mimics the(More)
Since removal and disposal of sustainable urban drainage system (SUDS) sediment can incur high maintenance costs, assessments of sediment volumes, quality and frequency of removal are required. Sediment depth and quality were surveyed annually from 1999-2003 in three ponds and one wetland in Dunfermline, Scotland, UK. Highest sediment accumulation occurred(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the outcomes and risk factors for morbidity associated with anesthesia and noncardiac surgical procedures in children and adults with congenital heart disease. DESIGN We conducted a retrospective cohort study of the 6-year period from January 1987 through November 1992 at one of the Mayo-affiliated hospitals in Rochester, Minnesota. (More)
Male rats consumed a liquid diet containing 10.7% ethanol as their only source of food and fluid for 6.5 months, beginning at 2 months of age. During withdrawal, there were no differences between the alcohol group and their pair-fed or free-fed controls on EEG, body temperature, irritability and tremor measures. In behavioral tests begun 4-5 weeks after(More)
This paper concerns the mathematical modelling of flow and solute transport through stormwater ponds. The model is based on appropriate lumped system conservation equations that are solved using standard numerical techniques. The model was used to route a first flush pollution scenario through a cylindrical pond for 16 combinations of elevation and diameter(More)
It has been shown that an epidural test dose with adrenaline does not always detect an intravascular injection in halothane-anaesthetized children. To ascertain whether test dosing with other agents might be more useful, we sought to determine if and at what dose levels three different intravenous drugs (adrenaline, isoprenaline and 1% lignocaine with(More)
Geological disposal facilities for radioactive waste pose significant challenges for robust monitoring of environmental conditions within the engineered barriers that surround the waste canister. Temperatures are elevated, due to the presence of heat generating waste, relative humidity varies from 20% to 100%, and swelling pressures within the bentonite(More)
Coughing and huffing have been shown to be effective airway clearance techniques and some authors have anecdotally reported that a huff requires less energy than a series of coughs commencing and finishing at the same lung volume. The aim of this study was to determine whether there is a difference in the energy expenditure between periods of huffing and(More)