Rebecca J. Carlson

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An examination of patients with physical disorders requiring immediate treatment or investigation was undertaken in the Psychiatric Emergency Service of the Royal Ottawa Hospital and found to comprise 7% of the patient population, or one visit per day. Those with physical problems differed from the rest of the emergency patients in that a greater number(More)
Articles you may be interested in Fluorescence-detected two-dimensional electronic coherence spectroscopy by acousto-optic phase modulation J. Molecular quantum dynamics in a thermal system: Fractional wave packet revivals probed by random-phase fluorescence interferometry Fluorescencedetected wave packet interferometry: Time resolved molecular spectroscopy(More)
Pharmacogenomics has a significant potential to impact how we treat diseases. It involves targeting genetically identifiable populations with therapeutic interventions that promises to yield immediate positive health outcomes with lower or no side effects. The ‘trial and error’ method of treatment will no longer be necessary with the successful(More)
The duty of therapists to warn or protect third parties when a patient expresses a threat was established by the court in the Tarasoff decision. Confidentiality, disclosure, and prediction of violence are clinical, ethical, and legal issues that the therapist must address in the context of a therapeutic relationship. Clinical case material from the(More)
The psychotherapy of three women with neurotic and adaptational problems was conducted using their mother tongue, German, and emphasis is placed on the facilitation of the therapeutic process by this method. It is felt that transference may be readily formed, there is less resistance to examining conflict areas, and the use of the acquired language as a(More)