Rebecca Holmes

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The recent publication of the FANTOM mouse transcriptome has provided a unique opportunity to study the diversity of transcripts arising from a single gene locus. We have focused on the Gnas complex, as imprinting loci themselves provide unique insights into transcriptional regulation. Thirteen full-length cDNAs from the FANTOM2 set were mapped to the Gnas(More)
Despite recognition that animals could be serving as “sentinels” for environmental risks to human health, there are no evidence-based guidelines for the use of animal sentinel data in human health decision making. We performed a systematic review of the animal sentinel literature to assess the evidence linking such events to human health. A search of(More)
BACKGROUND Trials in primary care to increase physical activity (PA) typically experience poor recruitment rates and may not recruit those with lower PA levels and who are most in need of the intervention. Despite the well-publicised benefits of physical activity, the majority of adults in the UK remain inactive and, therefore, at greater risk of many(More)
Social protection is increasingly seen as an important component of poverty reduction strategies and efforts to reduce vulnerability to economic, social, natural and other shocks and stresses. It can play an important role in strengthening access to and demand for quality basic services and social welfare services by the poorest through childhood and(More)
This paper analyses the extent to which public works programmes – a subset of social protection initiatives – can better promote gender equity in the rural economy. The paper draws on empirical research carried out in Ethiopia and India on two national flagship public works programmes. We find that to date gender equality objectives(More)
Smallholder farmers and poor rural households are vulnerable to both economic and social shocks which hamper their participation in agricultural activities. Well-designed social protection programmes can help to reduce both the risk and vulnerability by building resilience to shocks and stresses. Although the gender-specific challenges of women’s largely(More)
Social protection has emerged as a key development and humanitarian policy issue in the last decade. There have also been major food price shocks in many countries in the last 5 years. Interest in social protection and food systems is converging, and donor agencies and governments are looking at how different social protection instruments might better(More)