Rebecca Hollmann

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The use of robots in SME production environments requires programming systems that decrease programming effort and can be used by process experts rather than robotics experts. The core sources of information available to the robot system are human input, sensor data and model data. However most programming systems only connect one or two of these(More)
Treponema denticola has been shown to be associated with periodontitis in man and animals. The organism ferments amino acids and thrives on the proteins in the periodontal pocket. Accordingly, T. denticola possesses various proteolytic enzymes, including a chymotrypsin-like protease, capable of hydrolyzing a whole range of proteins, including(More)
Zusammenfassung Assistenzsysteme, seien sie mobil oder stationär, unterstützen den Werker im Produktionsprozess, beispielsweise bei Schweißarbeiten in kleinen Losgrößen. Für die Programmierung dieser Prozesse existiert keine etablierte Lösung, da die Vorgehensweisen der Industrierobotik nicht übertragbar sind. Das Konzept des Programmierens durch Vormachen(More)
This paper reviews the state of the art of models in robotic manufacturing applications. Moreover, a model architecture is proposed that is adequate for capturing knowledge of manufacturing processes in small and medium sized enterprises. The proposed architecture improves existing approaches by introducing a technology model that allows modeling of(More)
The integration of industrial robot systems into the manufacturing environments of small and medium sized enterprises is a key requirement to guarantee competitiveness and productivity. Due to the still complex and time-consuming procedure of robot path definition, novel programming strategies are needed, converting the robotic system into a flexible(More)
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