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Martin Schweinsberg ⁎, Nikhil Madan , Michelangelo Vianello , S. Amy Sommer , Jennifer Jordan , Warren Tierney , Eli Awtrey , Luke Lei Zhu , Daniel Diermeier , Justin E. Heinze , Malavika Srinivasan , David Tannenbaum , Eliza Bivolaru , Jason Dana , Clintin P. Davis-Stober , Christilene du Plessis , Quentin F. Gronau , Andrew C. Hafenbrack , Eko Yi Liao ,(More)
We present the data from a crowdsourced project seeking to replicate findings in independent laboratories before (rather than after) they are published. In this Pre-Publication Independent Replication (PPIR) initiative, 25 research groups attempted to replicate 10 moral judgment effects from a single laboratory's research pipeline of unpublished findings.(More)
Duarte et al. are right to worry about political bias in social psychology but they underestimate the ease of correcting it. Both liberals and conservatives show partisan bias that often worsens with cognitive sophistication. More non-liberals in social psychology is unlikely to speed our convergence upon the truth, although it may broaden the questions we(More)
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