Rebecca Hoffman

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Children from 5 to 12 years of age (N = 779) were shown a videotape where a preschool teacher has money stolen from her wallet. Children were shown a lineup, and for children in the bystander condition, the lineup contained a familiar bystander without the thief. Children in the control condition viewed the same lineup but they had not seen the bystander in(More)
T he medical literature, lay press, and evening news all tell us that an unprecedented number of US adults and children are becoming obese. More than half of adults and more than 20% of children report that they are overweight or obese, 1,2 and the number of obese adults increased by 61% between 1991 and 2000. 1 In our community, Olmsted County, Minnesota,(More)
Much has been written about the occurrence of mitral valve prolapse among eating disordered patients. Despite this literature, a causal relationship between the two conditions has yet to be established. The present study evaluated 500 patients with eating disorders and demonstrated an association between a low median ideal body weight and the frequency of(More)
Careful evaluation for medical illness with a severity rating scale of 276 eating-disorder patients admitted to hospital revealed that patients with anorexia and bulimia were at risk for developing medical complications. Severe cardiovascular complications were most likely to occur in eating-disorder patients who were also diuretic and/or laxative abusers.(More)
This study analyzes the complex rhetorical practice of hashtag use across social media platforms and emphasizes the implications for UX designers and technical communicators working with social media. Specifically, we document and analyze the ways that users extend the function of hashtagging beyond findability toward meta-communication, effectively(More)