Rebecca Goolsby

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This article briefly describes the advantages and disadvantages of crowdsourcing applications applied to disaster relief coordination. It also discusses several challenges that must be addressed to make crowdsourcing a useful tool that can effectively facilitate the relief progress in coordination, accuracy, and security.
Microhardnesses of five types of renal calculi: calcium apatite (82.5%)/magnesium ammonium phosphate hydrogen (10%)/calcium oxalate monohydrate (7.5%); calcium apatite (95%)/calcium oxalate monohydrate (5%); magnesium ammonium phosphate hydrogen (90%)/calcium apatite (10%); calcium oxalate monohydrate (85%)/calcium apatite (15%); and cystine (100%) were(More)
When a crisis occurs, there is often little time to evaluate the situation and determine how best to respond. We use rapid ethnographic methods centered on the construction of geo-temporally contextualized social and knowledge networks. By utilizing a combination of Twitter and news media, the consulate attack in Libya were examined in near real time. In(More)
Bed rest and immersion both lead to a mobilization of extravascular fluid and thus reduce edema. This study compared three treatments for edema in healthy pregnant women in the third trimester: lateral supine bed rest at room temperature, sitting in a bathtub of waist-deep water at 32 +/- 0.5C with legs horizontal, and sitting immersed in shoulder-deep(More)
To provide current clinical information for obstetric decision-making and perinatal management, we present early morbidity and mortality data for extremely premature infants based on obstetric assessment of gestational age. We reviewed the records of 141 live-born infants with birth weights of 1600 g or lower born at a university hospital level III neonatal(More)