Rebecca Godfrey

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OBJECTIVES To characterize the determinants of changes in adherence to antiretroviral therapy and examine whether there are persistent lower adherers. DESIGN A cohort study with repeated measurements. METHODS Self-reported 100% adherence was defined as taking all doses and numbers of pills over a 4-day period as prescribed for current HIV medications.(More)
BACKGROUND The autonomic nervous system appears to play an important role in the development of clinical ventricular arrhythmias, and beta-adrenergic sympathetic stimulation may be important in modulating the electrophysiologic effects of class III antiarrhythmic agents. This study prospectively determined the effects of isoproterenol on the(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES We investigated the association of HIV infection and highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) with sleep disordered breathing (SDB), fatigue, and sleepiness. METHODS HIV-uninfected men (HIV-; n = 60), HIV-infected men using HAART (HIV+/HAART+; n = 58), and HIV-infected men not using HAART (HIV+/HAART-; n = 41) recruited from two sites(More)
A clinical test to elicit somatosensory evoked potentials (SEP's) to electrical (current) stimulation of the mental nerve, is described. Control data from 22 normal individuals were obtained which showed that in the initial 100 ms following the stimulus, SEPs with four positive components and five negative components could consistently be recorded. SEPs(More)
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