Rebecca Ghanadan

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Several states and countries have adopted targets for deep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, but there has been little physically realistic modeling of the energy and economic transformations required. We analyzed the infrastructure and technology path required to meet California's goal of an 80% reduction below 1990 levels, using detailed(More)
Since about 1990, many developing and transition countries have undertaken market-oriented reforms in their electric power sectors. Despite the widespread adoption of a standard policy model, reform processes and outcomes have often failed to meet expectations. Drawing on an extensive literature review and case studies in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and(More)
This paper develops and analyzes four energy scenarios for California that are both exploratory and quantitative. The businessas-usual scenario represents a pathway guided by outcomes and expectations emerging from California’s energy crisis. Three alternative scenarios represent contexts where clean energy plays a greater role in California’s energy(More)
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