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The magnitude of the hydrophobic effect, as measured from the surface area dependence of the solubilities of hydrocarbons in water, is generally thought to be about 25 calories per mole per square angstrom (cal mol-1 A-2). However, the surface tension at a hydrocarbon-water interface, which is a "macroscopic" measure of the hydrophobic effect, is(More)
Computer simulations of the diffusion of a substrate to an enzyme active site were performed. They included the detailed shape of the protein and an accurate description of its electrostatic potential. Application of the method to the diffusion of the superoxide anion to the protein superoxide dismutase revealed that the electric field of the enzyme(More)
BACKGROUND The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada mandates that community experiences be incorporated into medicine-based specialties. Presently there is wide variability in community endocrine experiences across Canadian training programs. This is complicated by the paucity of literature providing guidance on what constitutes a 'community'(More)
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