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The literature review, survey and fieldwork for this study were undertaken by in conducting the fieldwork, and by Helen Brown with the statistical analysis. We are grateful to all of them for the work they have done. We are also grateful to all those who gave their time to contribute to the survey and to take part in follow-up interviews; and to those who(More)
The aim of this paper is to investigate interprofessional collaboration between general practitioners (GPs) and pharmacists involved in the delivery of enhanced pharmacy services under the local pharmaceutical services (LPS) contract in England. Previous research suggests that a number of interprofessional barriers exist between community pharmacists and(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to examine pharmacists' perceptions of their professional identity, both in terms of how they see themselves and how they think others view their profession. METHODS A qualitative study was undertaken, using group and individual interviews with pharmacists employed in the community, hospital and primary care sectors of(More)
OBJECTIVES To explore and identify the key determinants influencing the uptake of medicines use reviews (MURs), a new community pharmacy service in England. METHODS Survey of all primary care organisations (PCOs) in England (n=303, response rate=74%) and case study investigations of 10 PCOs, involving interviews with a purposive sample of 43 key(More)
PURPOSE Research on patient-centred professionalism in pharmacy is scarce compared with other health professions and in particular with pharmacists early in their careers. The purpose of this paper is to explore patient-centred professionalism in early career pharmacists and to describe reported behaviours. DESIGN/METHODOLOGY/APPROACH - This study explored(More)
In spite of their widespread use in policy making in the UK and elsewhere, there is a relatively sparse literature specifically devoted to policy pilots. Recent research on policy piloting has focused on the role of pilots in making policy work in accordance with national agendas. Taking this as a point of departure, the present paper develops the notion of(More)
A pilot study using four subjects was conducted to investigate a proposed method of measuring 'in vivo' lumbar zygapophyseal intracapsular pressures. The authors were interested in establishing whether a resting pressure could be measured, and to observe pressure changes within the lumbar zygapophyseal capsules with fluid injection and with a range of(More)
INTRODUCTION Young people with eating disorders are at risk of harm to their social, emotional and physical development and life chances. Although they can be reluctant to seek help, they may access social media for information, advice or support. The relationship between social media and youth well-being is an emotive subject, but not clearly understood.(More)