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The literature review, survey and fieldwork for this study were undertaken by in conducting the fieldwork, and by Helen Brown with the statistical analysis. We are grateful to all of them for the work they have done. We are also grateful to all those who gave their time to contribute to the survey and to take part in follow-up interviews; and to those who(More)
INTRODUCTION Young people with eating disorders are at risk of harm to their social, emotional and physical development and life chances. Although they can be reluctant to seek help, they may access social media for information, advice or support. The relationship between social media and youth well-being is an emotive subject, but not clearly understood.(More)
BACKGROUND Health services across the world increasingly face pressures on the use of expensive hospital services. Better organisation and delivery of primary care has the potential to manage demand and reduce costs for hospital services, but routine primary care services are not open during evenings and weekends. Extended access (evening and weekend(More)
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