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The purpose of this study was to examine trait levels of dissatisfaction with specific bodily regions and attentional characteristics associated with those regions among women high (HBD, n = 15) and low (LBD, n = 14) in body dissatisfaction. Separate laboratory visits were completed, during, which eye movements were recorded as participants viewed slides of(More)
Social support has been shown to influence health outcomes in later life. In this study, we focus on social engagement as an umbrella construct that covers select social behaviors in a life span sample that included oldest-old adults, a segment of the adult population for whom very little data currently exist. We examined relationships among social(More)
This paper documents research taking place in the midst of a series of shifts in biodiversity policy in the UK. It examines recent attempts to enrol volunteer naturalists and lay citizens into biodiversity action planning, suggesting that such attempts can be seen as a nascent form of environmental citizenship, which is based on the exchange of knowledge of(More)
Although physical activity interventions have been shown to effectively modify behavior, little research has examined the potential of these interventions for adoption in real-world settings. The purpose of this literature review was to evaluate the external validity of 57 theory-based physical activity interventions using the RE-AIM framework. The physical(More)
The study's purpose was to identify the mediating role of intention and the stages of change (SOC) in physical activity (PA) over a 6-month period using two models (theory of planned behavior [TPB] and TPB/SOC). Participants were 143 adults with physical disabilities (70.68% response rate; M age = 46.03). The TPB constructs, SOC (time 1), and PA (time 2)(More)
BACKGROUND Given the importance of physical activity (PA) and the low activity levels among adults with physical disabilities, it is important to understand how temporal changes in psychosocial constructs affect PA changes over time. OBJECTIVE/HYPOTHESIS Examine if changes in the transtheoretical model (TTM) constructs affected changes in PA levels over(More)
Int J Exerc Sci 2(3) : 202-214, 2009. The purpose of this study was to utilize the disablement pathway model to examine the contribution of physical function, dyspnea, and pain to disability in activities-of-daily-living (ADL) in culturally diverse older adults. Participants were 51 older adults (age = 69.0 years ± 9.7; 76.5% African-American, 51.0% < high(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine if electronic messaging would increase min of aerobic physical activity (PA) among older adults. Participants were active older adults (n = 28; M age = 60 years, SD = 5.99, and range = 51-74 years). Using an incomplete within-subjects crossover design, participants were randomly assigned to begin the 4-week study(More)
#Patchworks is a citizen-led co-design project to design innovative technologies for and with homeless people in the North West of England. The project involved 3 quite distinct communities: Signposts, a community resource centre that works with homeless people in Morecambe; Madlab, a community of DIY hackers and creative technologists in Manchester; and an(More)