Rebecca Egbert

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The tubal capacity to transport radioactively labeled human albumin microspheres deposited in the vaginal fornix and cervical canal and to concentrate them on the ovarian surface was evaluated in a group of 34 patient-volunteers. One millicurie of technetium-99 was used to label human albumin microspheres of 20 mu in diameter, suspended in 1 ml of saline.(More)
Semantic mastery includes quickly identifying object and action referents in the environment. Given the relational nature of action verbs compared to object nouns, how do these processes differ in children and adults? To address this question the Event Related Potentials (EPRs) of 8-9 year olds and adults were recorded as they performed a picture-matching(More)
Low back pain for which operative therapy is not indicated, can prove resistant to treatment even with the aggressive application of conservative measures and the use of suitable drugs. Here, local anesthesia can often have a decisive influence on pain. On account of possible complications, particular consideration must be given to pharmacological aspects.(More)
Two cases are reported in whom infusions and transfusions by means of pressure pumps caused a compartment syndrome of the forearm. Subfascial tissue pressure measurement is a decisive device under general anaesthesia to confirm the diagnosis. The development of a compartment syndrome caused by extracorporal fluids, be it an arthroscopy or a transfusion, as(More)
We retrospectively reviewed the clinical data of 17 selected patients who underwent hepatobiliary imaging studies using technetium Tc 99m iprofenin that demonstrated acute complete common bile duct obstruction, and who also had a temporally related ultrasonographic study of the hepatobiliary tree. We compared the accuracy of the two methods in the detection(More)
A prospective study was undertaken to evaluate the efficacy of radionuclide hysterosalpingography (RNHSG) using a technique with some modifications, that was described by Iturralde and Ventner (1). As these investigators demonstrated, technetium-labeled human albumin microspheres (HAM) will normally migrate spontaneously from the vagina to the ovaries. This(More)
The intravenous anaesthetic agent propofol has become more and more popular not only for induction but also for the maintenance of anaesthesia in all fields of surgery. For this purpose, different infusion rates and also combinations of propofol with opioids, nitrous oxide and volatile anaesthetic agents have been described. The present study was designed(More)
The treatment of acute and chronic low back pain is a problem frequently encountered in the doctor's office. Selective drug therapy has a useful role to play within the framework of the overall therapeutic strategy. Indications and practical application of the major analgesic agents in various low back pain conditions are discussed.
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