Rebecca Davis

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A spectrum of rare urachal abnormalities in the adult is described, including urachal cyst, infected urachal cyst and abscess, and urachal carcinoma. The clinical and radiographic features are presented, and diagnosis using ultrasound, computed tomography, and needle aspiration is discussed. Treatment of infected urachal cysts with percutaneous catheter(More)
Two methods are described to cool the kidney. The surgact type of device can cover the entire kidney or a single pole. The second method for cooling the kidney is use of an intracellular hypothermic solution with methylprednisolone; the kidney is flushed via the renal artery to achieve cooling. Two interesting cases are presented which illustrate the(More)
Chronic congestive heart failure not controlled by conventional therapy was treated with intravenous amrinone, a new non-glycosidic, non-catecholamine cardiotonic agent. Eight patients with New York Heart Association functional class III-IV symptoms were hemodynamically monitored. At peak effect, cardiac index (CI) increased from 1.84 +/- 0.32 to 2.74 +/-(More)
An anterior transperitoneal incision was used to remove stones from 20 kidneys in 18 patients (2 bilateral). Our experience with 35 kidneys operated upon by this method (15 previously reported) has been favorable. Use of percutaneous nephropyelostomy tubes to drain obstructed kidneys in septic patients has permitted all procedures to be done under(More)
The renin-angiotensin system is thought to maintain elevated systemic vascular resistance in heart failure. The hemodynamic effects of captopril (SQ 14225), an oral inhibitor of angiotensin-converting enzyme, were measured in 10 patients with stable congestive heart failure poorly controlled by digitalis and diuretics. At single daily doses of 25 to 150 mg,(More)