Rebecca D Schulte

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This report concerns a female patient aged 42 years known to have asymptomatic cardiomegaly for 2 years. She presented 2 weeks before surgery with chest pain radiating to the left arm and face. Angiography revealed a highly vascular mass in the region of the left atrium. Surgery revealed an intrapericardial tumor adherent to both atria. Histologically this(More)
Multiple infections are common. Although in recent years our understanding of multiple infections has increased significantly, it has also become clear that a diversity of aspects has to be considered to understand the interplay between co-infecting parasite genotypes of the same species and its implications for virulence and epidemiology, resulting in high(More)
Host-parasite coevolution is predicted to have complex evolutionary consequences, potentially leading to the emergence of genetic and phenotypic diversity for both antagonists. However, little is known about variation in phenotypic responses to coevolution between different parasite strains exposed to the same experimental conditions. We infected(More)
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