Rebecca Crowley Jacobson

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The authors present five case histories illustrating controlled use of opiates ("chipping"). Long-term chippers tend to develop consistent social use patterns that permit and also limit use. The authors conclude that controlled use of opiates is possible and that large numbers of people are involved in such use, although they are hard to locate and(More)
The Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) Center for Causal Discovery is developing and disseminating an integrated set of open source tools that support causal modeling and discovery of biomedical knowledge from large and complex biomedical datasets. The Center integrates teams of biomedical and data scientists focused on the refinement of existing and the(More)
This paper will report on preliminary findings of an on-going study of "controlled" use of marihuana, psychedelics, and opiates which point to the possibility of minimizing the social costs of illicit drug use via social control. This study, sponsored by The Drug Abuse Council, Inc., a non-profit private foundation, shows that despite the lack of larger(More)
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