Rebecca Coleman

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Bios REBECCA COLEMAN is a Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies, Lancaster University. Her research is primarily concerned with studying the relations between bodies and images. Her book, The Becoming of Bodies (2009), examines these relations through empirical research with teenage girls from a Deleuzian perspective and she is currently writing a book,(More)
In this follow-up interview to her keynote lecture at the MeCCSA-PGN 2015 Conference in Coventry, Rebecca Coleman discusses the affective relations between bodies, images and environments. Coleman offers an overview of her work on images and the body, as well as her interest in theorising the present and the future, and explains her engagement with(More)
Traditionally popular songs have been used as a way of enhancing listening and auditory perception skills and teaching vocabulary, but not necessarily for memory recall. Popular song gap-fills are already commonplace within the EFL (English as a foreign language) field; however, this study found that more attention needs to be given, to the lexical,(More)
We introduce the idea of a professionally isolated and apparently disconnected agency. We describe how health professionals working in settings with good multi-agency links may not recognize the effect of the isolated agency system on the presentation of problems. In particular, we describe the setting of the Sexually Transmitted Diseases clinic (STD) in(More)
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