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Regulatory RNAs have become integral components of the synthetic biology and bioengineering toolbox for controlling gene expression. We recently expanded this toolbox by creating small transcription activating RNAs (STARs) that act by disrupting the formation of a target transcriptional terminator hairpin placed upstream of a gene. While STARs are a(More)
A knowledge-based system (KBS) has been developed for a semi-batch pilot scale emulsion copolymerisation reactor facility. A simulation model was developed for the feed of styrene and MMA monomers as well as surfactant and initiator to control the particle size distribution (PSD) and molecular weight distribution (MWD) over the entire monomer conversion.(More)
Subjects (n = 60) performed both the reproduction and learning of a linear positioning movement under one of five visual feedback conditions. Results from two experiments indicated that visual cues from the task display augmented information available from visual feedback of the movement per se. Extraneous cues from the task display have clearly confounded(More)
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