Rebecca Chen

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We discuss methods for fast spatiotemporal smoothing of calcium signals in dendritic trees, given single-trial, spatially localized imaging data obtained via multi-photon microscopy. By analyzing the dynamics of calcium binding to probe molecules and the effects of the imaging procedure, we show that calcium concentration can be estimated up to an affine(More)
Non-visual gaze patterns (NVGPs) involve saccades and fixations that spontaneously occur in cognitive activities that are not ostensibly visual. While reasons for their appearance remain obscure, convergent empirical evidence suggests that NVGPs change according to processing requirements of tasks. We examined NVPGs in tasks with long-term memory (LTM) and(More)
BACKGROUND The recommendation for population- based cystic fibrosis (CF) carrier screening by the American College of Medical Genetics for the 25 most prevalent mutations and 6 polymorphisms in the CF transmembrane regulatory gene has greatly increased clinical laboratory test volumes. We describe the development and technical validation of a DNA chip in a(More)
Understanding what triggers synaptic strength modifications in vivo remains a key problem in cellular neuroscience. Recent fast scanning multi-photon microscopy techniques [1] support the role of calcium as a key biochemical effector, signaling the coincident occurrence of back-propagating action potentials (bAPs) and excitatory post-synaptic potentials(More)
As mobile technologies evolved, the mobile networks provided users not only high mobility, but also high data rates and flexible services. Meanwhile, Internet services had been very successful from 1970s to date. However, the Internet and the mobile telecommunications evolved separately and were not compatible until 3GPP proposed the IP Multimedia Subsystem(More)
OBJECTIVE The impact of transsphenoidal surgery for nonfunctional pituitary adenomas (NFAs) on preoperative hypopituitarism relative to the incidence of new postoperative endocrine deficits remains unclear. The authors investigated rates of hypopituitarism resolution and development after transsphenoidal surgery. METHODS Over a 5-year period, 305(More)
The College of American Pathologists molecular pathology checklist item (MOL.20550) calls for periodic review of molecular genetic statistics, including percentages of normal and abnormal findings and allele frequencies. A web-based query tool application for clinical molecular genetic test results was developed to plot dynamically and display genotype(More)