Rebecca C. Erickson

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Mutations in insulin/IGF-1 signaling pathway have been shown to lead to increased longevity in various invertebrate models. Therefore, the effect of the haplo-insufficiency of the IGF-1 receptor (Igf1r(+/-)) on longevity/aging was evaluated in C57Bl/6 mice using rigorous criteria where lifespan and end-of-life pathology were measured under optimal husbandry(More)
The posterior tibial nerves of 18 rabbits were intraneurally implanted with coiled wire electrodes for up to 9 weeks to evaluate their usefulness for neuromuscular electrical stimulation. In one group an electrode was implanted and removed in one leg while the other leg was chronically implanted. A second group was chronically implanted without electrical(More)
Psychological and neuropsychological assessments of psychiatric patients are usually designed to contribute to or document psychiatric diagnoses. The present article suggests that reframing the task to focus on cognitive rehabilitation issues can contribute significantly to the treatment of the chronic patient. A test protocol is proposed and exemplary(More)
This paper surveys the process approach literature with an emphasis on higher level cognitive functions like attention and concentration, learning and memory, and problem solving and executive functioning. In particular, it discusses organizational strategies and kinds of errors found on a variety of tests as well as behavioral, situational, and(More)
  • R C Erickson
  • 1989
Appreciation of the various cognitive deficits displayed by many chronic patients offers an alternative way of understanding each patient's predicament and an alternative way of approaching group and milieu therapies with chronic patients. Case examples taken from a test protocol based on neuropsychological testing procedures illustrate the clinical(More)