Rebecca C Booi

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OBJECTIVE We compared the diagnostic potential of using correlation coefficient images versus elastograms from 2-dimensional (2D) freehand elastography to characterize breast cysts. METHODS In this preliminary study, which was approved by the Institutional Review Board and compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, we imaged 4(More)
Although simple cysts are easily identified using sonography, description and management of nonsimple cysts remains uncertain. This study evaluated whether the correlation coefficient differences between breast tissue and lesions, obtained from 2D breast elastography, could potentially distinguish nonsimple cysts from cancers and fibroadenomas. We(More)
OBJECTIVE We are developing an automated ultrasound imaging-mammography system wherein a digital mammography unit has been augmented with a motorized ultrasound transducer carriage above a special compression paddle. Challenges of this system are acquiring complete coverage of the breast and minimizing motion. We assessed these problems and investigated(More)
This paper describes work aimed at combining 3D ultrasound with full-field digital mammography via a semi-automatic prototype ultrasound scanning mechanism attached to the digital mammography system gantry. Initial efforts to obtain high x-ray and ultrasound image quality through a compression paddle are proving successful. Registration between the x-ray(More)
We are developing a combined digital mammography/3D ultrasound system to improve detection and/or characterization of breast lesions. Ultrasound scanning through a mammographic paddle could significantly reduce signal level, degrade beam focusing and create reverberations. Thus, appropriate paddle choice is essential for accurate sonographic lesion(More)
Pixel compounding is a technique that synthesizes the information of an image sequence involving slow decorrelation of the speckle to form a detail-recovered and speckle reduced image. To avoid extra data acquisition time and patient exposure, reuse of the existing data is desirable. In the procedure of elasticity imaging, a set of B-mode images with slight(More)
We investigated the feasibility of the guidance of pacemaker lead implantation using the pacemaker lead stylet as an acoustic wave-guide combined with real time 3D ultrasound imaging. In one approach, with a 2.5 MHz transducer coupled to a stylet of a pacemaker lead, we used the stylet as a transmitter to track the vibrating tip in a 3D ultrasound scan. In(More)
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