Rebecca Bulander

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Mobile terminals, such as cellular phones and PDAs, have an enormous advertising potential: they are extremely popular and most people carry such devices with them all day, enabling personalized advertising. However, there is a serious danger that the Spam wave, known from e-mail communication, will spillover to mobile devices. In addition , it is important(More)
Advertising on mobile terminals is a consequential advancement of traditional methods of advertising. In this article we will discuss the special potentials and challenges of mobile advertising and introduce the MoMa-system as approach to enable personalized and context sensitive advertising while guaranteeing data protection, whereas context isn't limited(More)
It seems to be a widely accepted notion that Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) play an important economic and social role and often contribute to innovation. But at the present situation the development and operation of a service to be used with mobile and wireless terminals (mobile service) is not bearable for most of them due to technical reasons(More)
Mobile Customer Relationship Management (mCRM) frames the interface between companies and their customers by assisting mobile actors with mobile and wireless technologies. The aim of mCRM projects is the implementation of such systems. Experiences from the CRM background show problems in the implementation phase, which are caused by poor execution of the(More)
Mobiles Marketing stellt eine konsequente Weiterentwicklung her-kömmlicher Werbeformen dar, indem sie zielgerichtet ist und Interaktion ermög-licht; doch viele Kunden sind nicht bereit, für zielgerichtete mobile Werbung ihre Anonymität aufzugeben. In diesem Beitrag soll gezeigt werden, wie die Anonymi-tät von Kunden im mobilen Marketing und damit auch die(More)
Mobile terminals like cellular phones and PDAs are a promising target platform for mobile advertising: The devices are widely spread, are able to present interactive multimedia content and offer as almost permanently carried along personal communication devices a high degree of reachability. But particular because of the latter feature it is important to(More)