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sulphamethoxazole in the treatment of persistent diarrhoea: a double blind placebo controlled clinical trial. Nasal application of a gel formulation of N-acetyl-aspartyl glutamic acid (NAAGA) compared with placebo and disodium cromoglycate in the symptomatic treatment of pollinosis. A. Efficacy of transdermal scopolamine against seasickness: a 3-day study(More)
OBJECTIVES The intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR) contributes specially to perinatal mortality and morbidity. An effective treatment is not yet available. The purpose of this study is to analyse the perinatal data of a cohort with IUGR-infants including mortality and morbidity and to describe prematurity and IUGR as a combination of high risk. STUDY(More)
A total of 2741 high-risk pregnant mothers underwent invasive prenatal procedures, and in 94 of them (3.4%), fetal chromosomal or genetic anomalies were detected. In this study, we report on single pericentric inversions of chromosome 9 as well as translocations, which constituted 32% (30 of 94) and 16% (15 of 94) of all identified chromosomal or genetic(More)
A rare case of a twin pregnancy occurring in the right horn of a uterus didelphys (double uterus, double cervix and septate vagina) is reported. The occasional diagnosis of this uterine anomaly was made after the pregnancy was detected. Both embryos, with cardiac actions which proved the viability of the gestation from the very early stage of pregnancy,(More)
The clinical character of cardiovascular disease creates challenges in optimizing cardiovascular catheterization lab (CVL) throughput. These challenges are due to case load fluctuations caused by unscheduled Emergency Department patients and simultaneous conflicting demands on cardiologist time. The simulation model provides insight into the complex(More)
OBJECTIVE The article presents a retrospective analysis (1989-1997) of the prenatal diagnosis, the course and completion of pregnancy of 26 fetuses with omphalocele and 18 fetuses with gastroschisis. SUBJECTS 44 pregnancies with anterior fetal wall defect diagnosed by prenatal ultrasound, clinical or patho-anatomic examination between 1989 and 1997 at the(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of hypertensive disorders in pregnancy on the neonatal outcome of growth restricted fetuses. There is conflicting data on the effect of hypertension during pregnancy on the incidence of neonatal respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) and intraventricular hemorrhage. Some studies report a lower incidence of RDS and(More)
3,274 pregnant women were examined sonographically in this study, with particular emphasis on the quantity of amniotic fluid present. In 8% of the patients a reduced amount of amniotic fluid was seen. If the largest pocket of amniotic fluid was less than 2 cm that particular case was classified as oligohydramnios. If the largest pocket of amniotic fluid was(More)
Our present knowledge of fetal arrhythmias is described with reference to the literature and to the authors' personal experience. Most types of arrhythmia are harmless. Fetal tachyarrhythmias are of clinical importance, because of the danger of fetal cardiac insufficiency, and atrioventricular blocks because they are closely associated with infantile heart(More)
The influence of fetal position, the site of placenta and the site of measurement in the fetal aorta on doppler-flow parameters was investigated in patients with uncomplicated pregnancies. In 20 cases the S/D-ratio was obtained in three different regions of the descending aorta. Measurements superior the renal vessels showed comparable values (4.1-4.3). No(More)