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Data cube queries containing aggregate functions often combine multiple tables through join operations. We can extend this to " Multi-Join Expansion_Aggregate " data cube queries by using more than one aggregate functions in " SELECT " statement in conjunction with relational operators. In parallel processing for such queries, it must be decided which(More)
INTRODUCTION Since its origin in the 1970's research and development into databases systems has evolved from simple file storage and processing systems to complex relational databases systems, which have provided a remarkable contribution to the current trends or environments. Databases are now such an integral part of day-today life that often people are(More)
This paper presents a comparative study of two countries based on an online survey to establish the impact of change on information technology (IT) professionals. The online questionnaire survey covered two major issues the extent of the impact of change and management response. It found that most of the organizations were in the more advanced stage of IT(More)