Rebecca Blell

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The functionalization of chitosan with carboxymethyl groups allows zwitterionic or anionic chitosan derivatives to be obtained as a function of the degree of substitution. Here, we show that polyelectrolyte multilayers of chitosan and carboxymethylchitosan can be assembled by "dipping" or "spraying" to form strongly hydrated films in which both the(More)
An extensive investigation of three different series of isotactic ethylene/propylene (EP) random copolymers was performed to understand the factors influencing the change in optical properties in the steam sterilization of extrusion cast films from such materials. Different analytical methods (differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), X-ray diffraction and(More)
We present a simple yet efficient method for orienting cellulose nanofibrils in layer-by-layer assembled films through spray-assisted alignment. While spraying at 90° against a receiving surface produces films with homogeneous in-plane orientation, spraying at smaller angles causes a macroscopic directional surface flow of liquid on the receiving surface(More)
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