Rebecca Berry

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Given that gene duplication is a major driving force of evolutionary change and the key mechanism underlying the emergence of new genes and biological processes, this study sought to use a novel genome-wide approach to identify genes that have undergone lineage-specific duplications or contractions among several hominoid lineages. Interspecies cDNA(More)
  • R P G K Barber, A L Crouch, W J Fripp, R F Debnam, R Berry, Simchick +5 others
  • 2008
with plateaus ensured that we always had a quasi-steady state (thermodynamic equilibrium) in the melt. Figures 5(a) and (b) are background subtracted images taken at the point of appearance of the first solid at the two end walls, respectively. First, solid appeared at the lower left end wall of the test cell, while a small amount of solid also appeared on(More)
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